A Glass of The Pinot Meow Equals 1 Hour of Playtime

March 29, 2017

A Glass of The Pinot Meow Equals 1 Hour of Playtime

December 16, 2015


I'm sure many of you have heard the story covered across the world; that a glass of red wine equals 1 hour at the gym for you humans. Well catz, I'm here to propose my own study. A glass of The Pinot Meow equals 1 hour of important playtime.


Now, before many of you gawk at the idea and run across the internetz to prove me wrong, let me go ahead and explain myself. Unlike the human wine, which claims to help mimic the health benefits of exercise to improve the modest amount of exercise you guys get, The Pinot Meow may offer a different component - playtime.


You see, it's not about the ingested health benefits of The Pinot Meow (which don't get me wrong, there's plenty benefits as you can see here) - it's the inevitable playtime that may follow the luscious scent of that all natural catnip.


Just like you humans, exercise is vital to keeping us catz healthy. Anxiety and stress are a common occurrence in us and can lead to detrimental problems such as aggression, marking or even obsessive compulsive disorders. Did you know that us catz, being especially curious, can get depressed and lethargic from lack of challenge? It's true - and many folks recommend providing some sort of playtime stimuli such as toyz, treez, and even that wonderful ingredient in The Pinot Meow - Catnip. Who knew?!


So while you sit back and enjoy a glass of red wine to help improve heart function and in some cases, lack of exercise - pour us Catz a glass of The Pinot Meow, so we can enjoy every bit of health benefit you are getting as well.




- Apollo