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 Our Story

Apollo Peak, Ltd. was developed to create fine snack beverages that we like to call Cat Wine and Dog Wine for our feline and canine friends. We are animal lovers just like you, and our story is a long and fun one, to which we've shared some of our memories here. We currently strive to make a product that not only satisfies your pet's interest, but is safe and non-harmful to your special friends. 


Our "pet wine" creation started like any other radical idea...a product designed to help bridge the social divide between humans and their pets. Our initial thoughts were, "Why not share a drink with our canine and feline friends?  We spend so much time with them that they are slowly becoming humans too, right?" In doing this, we wanted to make sure we make a product derived from all organic and natural ingredients. It's been a difficult ride, but that has stayed true to this day and we will always keep to our promise to make a quality and fun product that we would give our own pets at home. Hence, we coined Made with Love on our bottles.

Cat Wine and Dog Wine has became our passion as we continue to innovate and create more and more unique flavors designed for all types of cats and dogs. We invite you to follow our journey on social media and help our pet community grow together.



CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

Apollo Peak

Brandon Zavala

President and CEO

Apollo Peak

Zoe Boath

VP of Operations

Cat wine

Jake Hoegemeier

VP of Sales

dog wine

Annieka Philo, CPA

Director of Finance and Accounting

Dog Wine

Natalie Gillespie

Customer Support Manager

Cat wine

Veronica Reeves

Operations Manager

cat wine

Elyse Hendrix

Account Manager

catnip wine

Sam Beutler

Sales Operation Intern

Emily Clayton

Sales and Marketing intern

We Make Pet Wine To Help Create a Fun and Social Atmosphere for Humans and their furry companions.